Working WOMethaurus

In the Womarium, we have an ongoing WOMethaurus where we find more and more words to replace those that no longer fit our WOMcabulary. This WOMethaurus may be added to/amended whenever necessary.

WOM-women/woman (to replace all words i.e. policewom, handywom, womhole etc.)

WOMarium-where the WOM live and where the live show and art installation exist


WOMifest-a gathering of WOM to celebrate/create/encourage/devise/make change

WOM Bomb-an unexpected drop in from a gathering of WOM, generally meant to bring joy and mischief to WOMceiver

Womocracy-a democracy of WOM in which womjority rules (aka the popular vote)

Womjority-the larger amount of WOM in a group

Hype-WOM-(you get it?)

WOMderful- adding some WOM to the wonder

WOMathoraus Rex-when a WOM eats haters

Womcom-a romantic comedy about a WOM falling in love with her damn self (courtesy of Becca Brown)

Womedy-WOM are funny! (courtesy of Jamia Weir)

Womidifier-when the presence of a WOM makes the air quality around you better